Google Preparing to Penalize Non-Mobile Friendly Websites in Search Rankings

google-mobileJune 13, 2013

Visiting a desktop-only or misconfigured website on your mobile device can be a very frustrating experience. They are not easy to navigate or fail to work properly, leaving you with little to no satisfaction. To encourage websites to adopt good ‘mobile compliant’ practices, Google will be introducing new changes in how websites are ranked when users search on a mobile device.

Two of the most common problems that mobile users face are faulty redirects and smartphone-only errors. The search changes Google has in mind will focus on giving a better ranking to websites that follow good ‘mobile compliant’ practices.

From Google’s blog post: To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.

All of our website builds are mobile-compliant and fully optimized for mobile surfing.


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